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Reed Diffuser Set - Jasmine & Vanilla

Reed Diffuser Set - Jasmine & Vanilla

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Fill your home with the wonderful scent. Our diffuser oil set is as elegant to see as it is pleasant to smell. Weaving through the empurpling vineyard, the cracked earth dusts my shoes. Parched, I pluck a perfect grape to quench my thirst - it bursts with a sweet explosion - exciting every sense. The softest breeze caresses the skin with seductive whispers of Vanilla and musky Patchouli, leading me through to the walled garden just out of sight. Through arches of Jasmine and orchards of Lemon trees - it’s a place as close to heaven as I’ve ever been, of daydreams and birdsong. In this moment, there is a sense of peace, the sunlight sparkles, the air is hot and the faintest hint of orange suggests cocktail hour is approaching.


Care Guide

We source the freshest, highest quality flowers and foliage that each season has to offer. In the event that we are unable to source a particular ingredient due to seasonal availability, we will make appropriate substitutions of equal or higher value. This may mean that your flowers may not exactly replicate the image shown.

Full care instructions are provided for the recipient.

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