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Atlas Vert - Mini Animal Test Tube Terrarium (With Live Bun Moss!)

Atlas Vert - Mini Animal Test Tube Terrarium (With Live Bun Moss!)

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Fun little tube with a mini friend on top of live bun moss. The moss will slowly grow over time and can be 'trimmed' just like real grass. Your order will come with a selection of horses, cows, sheep and pigs. Glass - 10cm x 3cm Care - This product has been designed to be practically ZERO maintenance. The bun moss only needs watering once a month or more. It just takes a few drops of water too. We advise to use rain or spring water, sometime tap water can have too much lime scale etc. (Please Note.. Golf figure styles will may as will the layered media. Each order comes with a stand for 9 tubes as pictured).

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