Scentscapology Mini Tin Candle
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Scentscapology Mini Tin Candle

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Escape Through Scent with Scentscapology candles, no matter what mood, or room you are in...

Hand-poured in the heart of the Fens - and just down the road from our flower studio.

At Scentscapology, we want everyone to have access high quality, long-lasting home fragrances and in doing so, inspire moods, increase productivity and create a sense of wellbeing, no matter where you are.

A Little Gratitude (Blackcurrant & Agarwood)

Scentscapology’s Gratitude gift candle (Blackcurrant & Agarwood) is a limited edition.

Think star anise, coriander, tarragon and hints of saffron muddled with sandalwood, vetiver and cool amber. It’s a warm, sensual and musky scent that cosies around your room of choice and fills it with warmth and light. Blackcurrants are known to help prevent viral infections and boost your memory, whilst Agarwood purports to imbue a sense of calm. 

The perfect partnership for entering a bold new year and showing your appreciation to someone who deserves a dollop of gratitude right now.

A little Focus (Mint & Rhubarb)

A crisp, zingy stewed rhubarb with hints of pear and apple sweetened by caramelised sugar. These are freshened by lush garden mint leave and a hint of lemon.

Mint is great for memory and attention span whilst the Rhubarb oozes calm and comfort, much like a  home-baked crumble, warming in the oven, ready to be gobbled after a brisk country walk.

A Little Revive (Bay & Rosemary)

A clean green floral fragrance where rosemary, bay and lemon rest upon a heart of muguet blossoms, clary sage and cyclamen resting upon a softwood and musk base.

The Rosemary helps to clear your mind and the Bay helps you relax, the perfect antidote for a little time out.

A Little Recline (Bluebell & Lavender)

The Recline candle brings a bountiful hedgerow fragrance to your home, mingled with jasmine, muguet and gardenia.

Bluebells are a symbol of humility, constancy, gratitude and everlasting love, whereas Lavender of course relaxes the body and mind to improve sleep quality.

Wonderful notes to keep in mind as you down tools and unwind for the day.

A little Revel (Wild Fig)

This candle will fill up your party zone with a beautiful and earthy Fig scent throw that is then enhanced by light undertones of black currant, cedar, black amber, leafy greens, creamy sandalwood and a cheeky nude musk.

 Sumptuous, warm and rich, the Revel candle is the perfect dining or small party companion.

A Little Rise (Rose & Geranium)

A geranium scent ignited with citrus and fresh-cut roses. This soothing scent will gently awaken your mind and get you prepared for the day ahead.

Geranium is known for its ability to reduce stress and anxiety and Rose can help you maintain a sense of calm and raise your spirits. A wonderfully, warm and heady morning mix.

A Little Bloom (Basil & Neroli Blossom)

It has a deep and bold neroli at its heart, muddled with jasmine and delicate rose. Fresh basil comes as a top note with an essence of citrus, amber and forest wood.

Candle Info

Candle size 100ml

Burn time is  approximately 30-35 hours.

It is important to take care of your candles and ensure you keep safe wherever you choose to burn them. Visit our Candle Care page for full information on how to do this. All Scentscapology candles are sold with a printed Candle Care guide.