Executive Assistant Role

Job description:

I'm looking for an Executive Assistant to join me part-time / freelance (4hrs per week).

I am a professional florist who is deeply passionate about people & flowers, and all the ways in which they touch our lives - weddings, events, business, sympathy and daily deliveries. Thatch & Roses focuses on the everyday luxury market.  

£15 per hour (Starting rate)

I have been running a version of the business full-time since 2018, and over the past 3 years have focused on growing the business with a focus on customer experience. I am keen on offering a high-touch service targeted at clients who appreciate additional care and reassurance when making purchasing decisions.  I am enthusiastic about finding ways to enhance and improve upon the business operations which has led to a (probably overkill) number of well intended purchases of online tools to help me achieve that end.  However I have recognised my strengths lie in the one to one customer service with my clients, the day to day floristry tasks involved with the business, and planning and actioning tasks to further grow the business. With such growth, and my personal responsibilities as a mother and wife, time is precious and many of the admin related tasks could be passed on to a trusted team member - you!

What You'll Be Doing

  1. Managing my personal and business email inbox - triaging, replying to relevant stuff, flagging up urgent things that need my input. Would be aiming to keep the inbox to as close to zero as possible.
  2. Scheduling calendar events 
  3. Managing booking enquiries - following up enquiries, tracking client progress, confirming bookings, answering FAQs etc.
  4. Business dashboard - Keeping track of bookings status’s, tracking payments received, chasing late/unpaid invoices.
  5. Helping categorise business expenses, forwarding receipts to accountant etc.
  6. Personal stuff - Sending gifts and thank you cards to people etc.
  7. Other random tasks that may come to light as we work together.
  8. In the first few weeks of working together, we’d probably need to communicate frequently to get a system down and find the groove, I'll also need to provide some training on the current workings of the systems and processes already in place.

Additional tasks;

- Streamlining systems and processes

- Online search's

- Composing email newsletter

- Enhancing and improving upon customer journey and experience

- Sourcing new business opportunities


Perks of the Job

- Flexibility - You’ll mostly work from home at whatever hours suit you best.

- Impact - Your work will help hundreds of couples, individuals, and companies to feel looked after, confident, and delighted with their choice in florist.

- Ownership - If you’ve got fun or interesting ideas that align with the business goals, you’ll have free reign to experiment and make them happen without having to wade through red tape and middle-management.


  1. 5+ years of experience in a similar role.  I'm looking for someone who is comfortable organising, managing tasks, communicating transparently and handling a large amount of responsibility.
  2. You need to be able to speak and write fluent English..
  3. You're comfortable figuring out and working with software like QuickBooks, Excel, and other tools that I use. If you consider yourself a technophobe, this probably isn't the role for you 😀
  4. Happy to work for a trial period of 2 months to ensure we are both happy with the working arrangement.

The Ideal Applicant

If you don’t fit some of these but still think you’d be a great fit for the role, please explain your position in your application. I’m more than happy to be flexible for the perfect person.

  1. You’re based in the UK.
  2. You’re keen on working together for at least three years. I’m looking for someone to stay with the business through future growth.
  3. You are open to learning new things and are unafraid of making suggestions for improvement, where you feel improvements can be made.
  4. You're good at figuring stuff out. You're willing and able to learn new skills and don't shy away from responsibility.
  5. Are personable and friendly in nature, take pride in your work, are comfortable on the phone, and feel confident in representing the business's high touch and personal touch approach.
  6. Fun to work with.

Bonus Points if you have an interest in social media marketing!

How to Apply

Please send an email to emily@thatchandroses.com 


  1. Your CV.
  2. A cover letter talking about why you'd be a great fit for the role, that includes how you fit each of the numbered points above. If you don't meet some of the points, please explain why you'd be a good fit regardless.

The deadline for applications is midnight (BST) on Monday 6th June.

The Application Process

  1. I'll shortlist the candidates based on the cover letter and CV.
  2. If you're shortlisted, you'll get an email from me.
  3. I'll interview the final few people in-person / over Zoom to finalise things.

Thanks, and hope to hear from you soon!