Rosie and Toby’s Wedding

Rosie and Toby’s Wedding

Rosie and Toby tied the knot on the 10th of September 2022, at the Manor Barn in Harlton, near Cambridge. This fantastic 400-year-old grade 2 listed barn provided a breathtaking backdrop for their classic autumnal wedding, filled with rich earthy tones and soft greens.

Every detail of their day was thoughtfully planned to reflect their love for each other and for their guests. With Thatch and Roses as their florist, their wedding was adorned with beautiful floral arrangements that added to the romance and beauty of the occasion. Throughout the day Rosie and Toby were accompanied by the wonderful Nicki Shea taking lots of fab photos.

The Ceremony

Due to a rainy start, Rosie and Toby’s ceremony was delayed until the skies cleared, with Toby declaring ”keep her on the bus, the sun is coming”. He was soon proved to be correct and the wait was well worth it as the sun shone down on the happy couple. When Rosie left the vintage bus that she had arrived in, she carried a bouquet packed with garden roses, amaranthus, delicate cosmos, berries, grasses, eucalyptus, and fluffy lace flower. The colours and textures made a beautiful statement against the lush greenery and flowers adorning the ceremony space.

The groom and groomsmen were already waiting outside, looking dapper with eye-catching buttonholes. Rosie walked down the aisle passed her friends, family and meadow boxes bursting with flowers and greenery.

When the soon-to-be newlyweds stood together to make their vows, they were surrounded by a gorgeous deconstructed arch made of roses, lush foliage including beech, eucalyptus, green hydrangea, roses, lace flower, and strikingly tall eremerus. Wonderfully, the sun continued to shine down as the celebrant led Rosie and Toby in the ceremony marking the official start of their journey as husband and wife.

The Wedding Reception

The reception was held inside the ancient barn which was transformed into a beautifully styled celebration space. The rustic atmosphere was elevated by the lush ruscus foliage and delicate bud vases arranged on each table. Acting as focal points in the large room were three large foliage bombs hanging down the central aisle. They added a touch of grandeur and occasion to the celebration.

We moved the deconstructed arch from the ceremony into the barn, along with the meadow boxes, to frame the top table and create a seamless continuation of the outdoor wedding celebration. In addition, the space was styled with textural foliage, including foraged hops and oak with acorns, as well as stunning beech in a variety of colours.

If you looked closely enough you would also have noticed an array of extra little touches that made a big impact, such as floral embellishments on all the signage. This all went together to create a lively party atmosphere with friends and family coming together to enjoy the day and celebrate the happiness of the newlyweds.

Our team spent multiple days preparing for Rosie and Toby’s big day, starting with making the foliage bombs and prepping the bud vases, meadow boxes, and personal flowers. The result was an incredible display of flowers and textural foliage, ideally suited to blend with the rustic charm of the large barn at the venue.

Happy Memories

For us, one of the most memorable aspects of Rosie and Toby's wedding, apart from the joyful ceremony itself, was the autumnal theme and the deep, rich colours. It worked so well with the time of year, the venue and the decorations. When the couple originally approached us to work on their wedding they had a clear vision, but also gave us the freedom to bring our own expertise to the table.

Rosie and Toby's faith in us allowed us to truly showcase our creativity and deliver a wedding that was both personal and full of warmth. All in all, it was a wonderful celebration that was filled with family, friends, and a festival atmosphere. The happy couple's trust in us gave us the opportunity to create something truly special, and it's a day that we continue to remember fondly.

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