Florist Flowers vs Supermarket Flowers

Florist Flowers vs Supermarket Flowers

"They're cheaper in the supermarket" is a phrase independent florists hear all too often, and yes the flowers are cheaper. But price should not be the deciding factor when it comes to comparing your local florist with a supermarket.

Florists Flowers Last Longer

The supply chain when buying from a florist is significantly shorter than the supermarkets, meaning your flowers will last longer. Supermarkets are allowed to have their fresh flowers for up to ten days before they reduce and dispose of them, this doesn't include all the time travelling and in warehouses before they get to the shop floor. Typically a florist will hold product for now more than 3-4 days, automatically giving you a weeks extra vase life at home to enjoy!

It's All A Ploy

Supermarket flowers are a loss leader. Supermarkets aren't stupid, they know that by using an enticing display of beautiful flowers at the front of the store will get you in the door - they are always by the door right?! Once they have you in the store the chances of you picking up a few other bits and bobs, and lining their pockets in the process, are much higher. The supermarkets deliberately sell flowers cheap because they're using them as a tool to get you to buy other things at full price.

Size Matters

Florists select the blooms themselves, taking time to consider the grade, or quality, of each bloom. Where as supermarkets take a stack them high, sell them low approach. Often meaning they will sell shorter stem length and smaller head sized flowers. Look at the picture below, these roses are the same variety and possibly even from the same grower. But the florist grade bloom is much larger and more enticing. In short, pay less, get less.

Florist's Care

Your florist will carefully arrange and package your flowers, include a hand written card message and deliver them to your door. Supermarket flowers are often wrapped by a machine - yes really! And you get none of the finishing touches you'd get from your florist. And if there was ever an issue with your order, your florist would put it right, deliver a fresh bunch and rectify the issue as swiftly as possible. With a supermarket you'd have to go to the customer services team, probably to be given a refund and sent on your way. We know how important the message behind the blooms is, and we want to deliver it in a way the recipient deserves.

So where should you buy your flowers? We don't think there's ever much reason where you should choose a supermarket over a florist, unless of cause saving a few pounds is your only deciding factor. If you're looking for quality, care and value for money then your local florist really is the only choice to make.

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